Brevard Water Damage Restoration Services 

Brevard Water Damage Restoration Services

Brevard County water damage can be extremely detrimental to just about any property if you don’t act quickly. The trick is to locate and identify water damage as soon as possible to eliminate costly fees and destruction of property and valuables.

If you don’t know what to look for, you could literally stand there, scratching your head and staring at puddles wondering what happened. Wet materials start developing mold after only 24 hours so time is of the essence.  You must be able to identify water damage as soon as possible to avoid costly fees and destruction of property.

Here are some quick and easy tips to get ahead of a water damage problem before it happens:

What is Water Damage?

In general, water damage can be defined as water that destroys your home due to flooding, leaky roofs, broken pipes backed up plumbing, or clogged drains. It can lead to irreparable damage, such as mold growth and rotting wood, if not addressed quickly,

Depending on point of entry and the pace of the drip or flow, the damage may be slow and minor or it could be instantaneous and catastrophic. Either way, it will signal trouble if not dealt with immediately. In most cases, the damage goes unnoticed for long periods of time, and by the time it is discovered, real damage has occurred and needs to be addressed by a professional water damage restoration company.

Different Types of Water

Unbeknownst to many, there are 3 different types of water you can find in your property. The first type is ‘clean‘ water that comes from rain, leaky pipes, condensation, and so on. The good news is it’s fairly harmless and easy to clean up on your own. The second type is ‘gray water‘ that comes from appliances like dishwashers or washing machines, toilets, etc. It’s also easy to clean up yourself but be wary of the contaminants involved. These can be somewhat toxic if on the skin or possibly even inhaled.

The third type is ‘black water‘ that comes from serious floods or even sewage. It contains waste and serious bacteria, so you will need to hire a professional flood restoration service to clean it up. Many consumers try to do it themselves and make so many mistakes in doing so. It is a meticulous cleanup with a combination of equipment, and the right chemicals to get the job done.

Inspect for Mold

Aside from obvious signs like pooling water and spots on ceilings, mold is the tell-tale sign of water damage. Once it becomes visible to the eye or detected by the smell, it has gotten too far along. Mildew and mold can develop as soon as 24 hours in the right conditions and can be found anywhere moisture is present. It’s typically indicative of humidity issues or small leaks. Generally, older properties can carry just the right mix for a moldy environment, but any property can develop mold from water intrusion especially in a humid climate like Florida.

Inspect for Water Stains

Stains or slight discoloration anywhere on your walls, ceiling, or floor most likely indicate leaks from your roof or walls. Check the trim, corners, baseboards and wainscoting to see if there is any indication of moisture damage. If you’re inspecting these surfaces, be sure to look behind furniture where walls and ceilings or floors meet.

Feel for Soft Surfaces

The wood behind surfaces in your home is usually the first to show signs of water damage. Warped surfaces and soft spots can indicate leaks that aren’t immediately visible. Buckling or cupping floors is a very clear indication of water damage.

Listen for Dripping and Strange Noises

The sound of dripping may be obvious, but properties with water damage can make some deceptive noises as well. Sounds like scratching or rushing can indicate water damage, so when your house is at its quietest be sure to listen for these sounds. Never take those sounds for granted. Early detection could mean saving lots of time, energy and resources.

While we hope you never need Brevard County water restoration services if you do be sure to contact Affordable Water and Mold Removal ASAP.  We will work with you and your insurance company to take care of all your issues.  We are certified in water removal, flood water remediation, mold removal and mold remediation.